Avoid PBN Footprints

How You Can Avoid PBN Footprints

On this article, you will learn how to avoid footprints when using a Private Blog Network to rank your website.

Now you want to create your Private Blog Network as you got a website that is underperforming or you have just started out online. When starting out you need to think about how you can avoid footprints, having footprints can affect your SEO and may not rank as expected this is due to recent updates with Google.

Ways You Can Avoid PBN Footprints

Here are some ways you can avoid PBN footprints. Below you will find what type of footprints there are and what you can do to avoid this.The types of footprints include Hosting, Domain, and Your Site.

How to Avoid Footprints On Hosting Providers

You want to create 5-10 sites on your Private Blog Network so you need to look at ways by having no footprints when hosting the websites for your PBN.

Different Web Hosting Providers

You need to have different web hosting providers on your Private Blog Network and must not use the same web host for every website such as FastHosts.

You must sign up to different web hosts where on one website on your Private Blog Network is signed up to A2Hosting, the second website is hosted on JustHost and the third web site is hosted on DreamHost. It is important to have different Web Hosting Providers when using a Private Blog Network.

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Different Nameservers to Every Site in Your PBN

You must use different Nameservers to every website that is in your Private Blog Network. You must check if every website in your PBN has not got the same nameserver if the nameserver is the same then you must change the nameserver and point it to another nameserver.

IP C Classes Needs to be different

You must make sure that all the sites in your PBN must use different C-Class in the website’s IP Address. The IP C Class should be different, if it is the same then you are leaving footprints in your Private Blog Network.

One Website Per IP Address

You must have one website with one IP Address in your Private Blog Network. The IP Address should not be the same for 2 and more websites the IP Address must be different.

You should Check the IP Ownership

You should check the IP Address the company is registered to, you should mix this up a little on your Private Blog Network.

Do not buy SEO and Reselling Web Hosting

You should avoid SEO and resell Web Hosting. Do not buy SEO on sites like Fiverr they are cheap and most of the Gigs are not professional enough to rank your websites to the first page of Google. You must stick to Private Blog Network which is the most effective way to rank your website in 2017 and beyond.

How to Avoid Footprints with Domains

You should use different registrars is in your Private Blog Network. The more the registrars are different and it is mixed up the better you are not leaving footprints.

Using Different Email Addresses

You should use different email addresses in each of your hosting providers when you are setting your sites in your PBN up. You should never use Google, Hotmail and Yahoo hosted email like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo you should use your own email through your Hosting Provider.

Random Metrics

Make sure that all of the domains in your private blog network should have a wide range of metrics.

Use Random Whois Data

You have to use a wide range of private whois data along with fake whois data. You must not have 100% private and not have 2 identical whois records.

How to Avoid Footprints on Your Website

Unique Logo

You should make sure you use a unique logo for every website that is in your Private Blog Network. It should not be the same logo you should use a different logo to not make it look the same.

WordPress Theme

Never use the same WordPress Theme more than once on your Private Blog Network. You should use different Themes if you are using WordPress.

WordPress Plugins

You must Never use the same set of WordPress Plugins on more than one website. You should use a different set of plugins on more than one website.

WordPress Settings

You must change the WordPress Settings for each of your site in your PBN such as Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media & Permalinks Settings.

Use Different Robots.txt

You should always use a different Robots.txt file on your website and sometimes no file, it should be random.

Use Good Content

Add 4-8 pages of great content that is up to 800 words at length. You should add images, videos and relevant links to your content on your Private Blog Network Websites.

Add Static Web Pages

Your PBN site should have static web pages that include Terms & Conditions, Privacy, About and Contact this should be at random for each PBN site.

Unique Widget Set-Up

The sites in your PBN must always have a unique widget setup on each site.

Blocking Bots

You must block bots with htaccess and Spyder Spanker this should be done at random and on each site in your PBN.

Rounding Up

I have given you ways on how you can avoid PBN Footprints by doing this above you have no footprints in your network and on your way to ranking on the first page in Google.

Here are disadvantages where you would have to pay a lot of money on Web Hosting and registering domains. If you’re interested in creating a PBN then the best way is to check our discounts on our website. We offer Web Hosting where you can save 50-60%.

Using Private Blog Networks is the most effective way to ranking higher in 2017. If you think your site needs to perform better then I suggest you use Private Blog Networks.

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