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The Best Survey Sites To Earn Money In 2017

Want to be earning money at home in your own time on the best survey sites in 2017?

On this article, you will find a list of a bunch of survey sites I am suggesting you can make money in your own time that you can do outside your 9-5 job or a student studying at College or University that wants to earn £50-£100 a month. If that is you then you will find some survey sites interesting in this article.

If some of the survey sites interests you this is a great way to boost your income without having to leave your house.

When joining just one survey site you will earn a little income, when joining multiple survey sites your income will be a lot extra and on your way to earning £100 a month.

If joining on multiple survey sites, you would get more email invites. You will have a chance to complete surveys and earn rewards.

If you want to earn little income then joining one or two survey websites would be best for you. If you want to earn £100-£200 per month then sign up to those survey sites listed below.

The Best 15 Survey Sites

#1 SwagBucks

There are opportunities to earn cash when using Swagbucks. You can make money on this site in different ways including Complete Daily Polls, Watching YouTube Videos, Shopping Online using SwagBucks, Playing Games, Installing Swagbucks toolbar on your web browser, Reading online articles and hitting your daily target of Swagbucks.

Average Payment: £0.40 ($0.52) Per Survey
Average Time Per Survey: 10-20 Minutes

Sign Up To Swagbucks

#2 InboxPounds

InboxPoundsOn InboxPounds you can earn cash for reading emails, taking surveys, searching the web and playing online games.

The more you take part for programs on InboxPounds you have more chance to be sent up to 3 Paid Emails a day in where you can earn more.

When signing up for the site, you will receive a signup bonus hhof £1.00 when you join right now to InboxPounds.

Average Payment:  £0.40 – £4.40 ($0.52 – $5.65) Per Survey
Average Time Per Survey: 10 – 15 Minutes

Sign Up To InboxPounds

#3 YouGov


Opinions coming from YouGov members are talked about in the press often. If you got an opinion to share then this survey site is the right one for you.

The payout on YouGov is high as you would need to save up to 5,000 points that are worth £50 to withdraw straight to your bank.

Average Payment:  £50 ($64.45) Minimum Withdrawal
Average Time Per Survey: 7 Minutes

Sign Up To YouGov

#4 MintVine


MintVine is a great blend of payment amount and quantity of surveys. You can earn around $5.00/£4.50 when doing 15-minute surveys.

You can make money on MintVine by Redeeming offers, shopping for local deals, research studies and referrals.

MintVine is very simple to use and it is user-friendly, you also get good feedback for being part of the Better Business Bureau.

Average Payment: £0.35 – £4.50  ($0.50 – $5.00) Per Survey
Average Time Per Survey: 10 – 20 Minutes

Sign Up To MintVine

#5 Toluna


Toluna is where surveys are made for you by giving your input to brands and corporations while influencing future products and services.

On the site, you can share your opinions to win gifts, cash and test products. Your Time Is Money when visiting Toluna.

You can discover what the world thinks by finding out anyone and everyone’s opinions, poll your friends and start discussions and share your views with people.

Meet like-minded people, or start a debate with others.

Average Payment: £0.10 – £2.50 ($0.15 – $3.20) Per Survey
Average Time Per Survey: 15-20 Minutes

Sign Up To Toluna

#6 Valued Opinions


Valued Opinions is a leading online community where your opinions count. You can take part in paid online surveys and earn great rewards from leading brands.

Start earning rewards from top brands including Amazon, John Lewis, M&S, and Boots.

Take part doing online surveys with Valued Opinions, you can tell brands what you think of their products and services. You also get the chance to test new products and packaging, as well of reviewing advertising campaigns.

Average Payment: £0.20 – £5.00 ($0.25 – $6.44) Per Survey
Average Time Per Survey: 15 Minutes

Sign Up To Valued Opinions

#7 Mingle


Mingle is a opinion research website. This gives you an opportunity by testing out products when at home.

As well of receiving free-products on this survey site, you will also collect mingle points where you can convert this into rewards or cash.

You can enter in a monthly prize draw to win a Kindle Fire HD. You have a chance to win a Kindle Fire HD each month through Mingle.

Average Payment: £0.20 – £0.50 ($0.26 – $0.64) Per Survey
Average Time Per Survey: 10-15 Minutes

Sign Up To Mingle

#8 Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research

Earn yourself points when you complete each survey. You can convert your points into cash or prizes on Pinecone Research.

You can learn about products before it’s hit the market. Influence what products make it to the stores.

Average Payment: £0.25 – £3.50 ($0.32 – $4.50) Per Survey
Average Time Per Survey: 10 Minutes

Sign Up To Pinecone Research

#9 MySurvey


On MySurvey you can start earning points by completing online surveys at any time on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or on your smartphone.

After members accumulated a certain amount of points they can redeem those points for items in their rewards catalog. Join MySurvey today and get paid to take their surveys.

Average Payment: £0.40 – £2.50 ($0.52 – $3.22) Per Survey
Average Time Per Survey: 10 Minutes

Sign Up To MySurvey

#10 PrizeRebel


When completing paid online surveys you can redeem top rewards these include Gift Card, PayPal, Itunes Gift Card and Walmart Gift Card.

PrizeRebel Points is worth $0.01 each. They have a minimum of a $5 Amazon Gift Card which is worth 500 points.

Average Payment: £0.12 – £3.88 ($0.15 – $5.00) Per Survey
Average Time Per Survey: 10 Minutes

Sign Up To PrizeRebel

#11 CashCrate

CashCrateCashCrate is good pay when taking surveys. This works all your earnings in dollars and not points where this is useful for you when wanting to take surveys for cash.

This has a minimum payout of up to $20, this is sent by paper-cheque. You will receive payment around two weeks later.

You will be able to earn money by taking surveys, offers, and playing games. This is one of the most best survey sites.

Average Payment: £0.39 – £1.55 ($0.50 – $2.00) Per Survey
Average Time Per Survey: 5-10 Minutes

Sign Up To CashCrate

#12 InboxDollarsInboxDollars

InboxDollars has been around for over ten years and been featured on Good Morning America.

It is a reilable survey website to make money online and you can get $5.00 for just signing up.

You get paid for shopping online, playing games, searching the web, grocery shopping, and taking surveys.

Average Payment: £0.40 – £4.40 ($0.52 – $5.65) Per Survey
Average Time Per Survey: 10-15 Minutes

Sign Up To InboxDollars

#13 Crowdology


Crowdology is a popular survey website that rewards with vouchers. The rewards you receive on Crowdology includes Amazon or PayPal Vouchers.

Crowdology also works with big well-known brands and TV Quiz show Pointless. They do not offer points they give you money for completing surveys.

When signed up on this website look out for regular prize draws with prizes like Bose headphones and 12 months Spotify Premium subscription that is up for grabs.

Average Payment: £0.40 – £10 ($0.52 – $12.90) per Survey
Average Time Per Survey: 2 – 15 Minutes

Sign Up To Crowdology

#14 OnePoll


OnePoll is best known for short, quick surveys about every topic. They provide surveys to the press and major brands.

This website “OnePoll” was the first survey sites to be around and they always got quick surveys for you to answer.

You must check your account often for surveys and some users report you get stuck when you are under £40 threshold. You get £5 when you signup to OnePoll.

Average Payment: £0.20 ($0.26) Per Survey
Average Time Per Survey: 3 Minutes

Sign Up To OnePoll

#15 Vivatic


Earn money from Online Jobs by taking part in surveys and writing articles and reviews.

When joining Vivatic, you can earn real money in your spare time and cash out to PayPal. This is 100% free to use.

Vivatic is a good survey website. It will take 15 minutes to complete a survey so it would take a bit of time to reach the £25 withdrawal.

However, there are more extra cash opportunities that have done so well it is worth signing up to earn £1.

Average Payment: £1 – £2 ($1.29 – $2.58) Per Survey
Average Time Per Survey: 15 Minutes

Sign Up To Vivatic

How To Increase Your Online Survey Profit

Rather than just giving you a list of the best survey sites we want to make sure how you can increase your online profit by completing online surveys.

Here are a few ways you can increase your online profit from each survey website.

Sign Up to all Survey Sites

If you want to earn a good sum of money doing surveys then it is important to sign up to many survey sites as possible. This means that you can always do surveys to answer from instead of waiting for one or two surveys to come along each month.

There is no problem to sign up to all Survey Sites listed above but you can unsubscribe from their services if you do not like the survey site you are using.

Set Up Unique Email Addresses

This is optional but it is recommended to set up a separate email for all survey site accounts. This is a easy way to login to your inbox each day and see what surveys are on offer without this spamming your inbox.

You could check your inbox often as some surveys are open for a day or maybe a few hours.

Look Out For Fake Websites

There are a number of fake websites that offer dodgy survey websites to students so you must avoid those fake websites.

Withdraw your money when you reach the limit

If you are looking to build up a large amount of cash and trying to aim for the top rewards it is best to withdraw your money early on these paid survey sites.

Please make sure your aware that some survey sites has restrictions on how you can spend the points and how long the points are valid for.

It Is Free To Join

All of the best survey sites I have shared above are free to sign up for and use. You would not have to pay a subscription fee to any of the online survey websites.

The sites that are listed on this post have been tested and it is legit.

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