How To Promote Your Website On Social Media

How To Promote Your Website On Social Media

Are you looking for ways to promote your website on social media?

Then you can use Social Media to promote your website on social networks to get a hit of traffic.

There are plenty of social networks you can use to promote your website including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram & More….

On this article, you will learn how to promote your website on those social networks mentioned above that will get a hit of traffic that can help you rank in the search results.

Ways To Promote Website Through Social Media

Here, I am going to share the social media websites you can promote your website on.

Promote Website Through Facebook

I show you how you can link build on Facebook to promote your website to your Facebook Fans, Friends and Followers.

#1- Promote Website On Your Facebook Page

Promote Website on your Facebook Page

You can promote your website or blog to your Facebook Page. When doing this the people who liked your page can see your post and can visit the website link.

If they liked the content on your website, they could like and share this to their friends and followers to have a look at your blog post.

#2- Promote Website On Your Facebook About Page

facebook about page

In this step, you can put your website address in your Contact Details on your Facebook Page and in the Company Overview.

It is useful to put your website on the about page so when one of your fans go on your Facebook page and check the about info your website is shown where they can visit your website link.

#3- Promote Website On Your Facebook Page Buttons

facebook learn more button

The Learn More Button directs you to your website through your Facebook Pages. Having this on your Facebook Page will help visitors coming onto your page and when clicking on the Learn More Button will direct them to your website. This is one of the ways to promote your website through your Facebook page.

If you have not got a Facebook Page for your website then I suggest you create one to get visitors checking your website.

If you’re unsure to create a Facebook Page then check this guide here:

#4- Promote Website When Boosting Your Facebook Post

boost facebook post

Boosting your Facebook Posts is a great way to promote your website on Social Media. It is a great way to reach people who want to look at your Blog Posts or your website.

You have to pay £2-£5 to boost posts so that 1,000 people can see your latest posts even people who have not liked your page yet.

When boosting posts you are likely to receive more Facebook Page Likes, Post Likes, Shares and Subscribers to your blog if you’re lucky.

#5- Promote Website On Facebook Groups

promote website on facebook groups

Promoting websites on Facebook Groups can increase the amount of traffic to your website. Here on the Flourishing Freelancer’s Community Group, you can put your website link in the comment section when sharing your post.

There are over 1,330 members added in this group so when you add your website in the comment section this can be seen by those members who joined the group. The members of the group can check your website or blog where this can lead to an increase in traffic.


Promote Website Through Twitter

Here you can promote your website through Twitter to your followers and potential followers when they check your Profile.

#1- Promote Website On Your Twitter Posts

promote website posting on twitter

On Twitter, you can promote your website to your followers when you have posted they can see your tweet where they can access your website.

If your followers like your content they could re-tweet it to their followers that could grow your Twitter fan base.

Using hashtags on your posts is another great way to get your post noticed. I used #wmidshour so that my latest blog is accessed by people in the West Midlands. You can use whatever hashtag is relevant to your Twitter posts.

#2- Promote Website On Your Twitter Bio


On your Twitter account, you can edit your bio where you can put your website link on there. When anyone looks at your profile, they can see your link and could access your website.

It is useful to add your website on your Twitter Bio. If you want your business to be active on social media then it is best to promote your website.

Twitter only accepts up to 160 characters for your Bio. Do not have a long bio you will not be able to type any character in after 160 characters.

#3- Promote Website With Image Posts


Sharing images on Twitter is effective to your followers where they can visualize what your website is before visiting.

Your followers who see this on their feed might be interested in looking at your image post. When your followers click on your link you are converting the follower into visitors that could become long-term visitors.


Promote Website Through LinkedIn

#1- Promote Website On Your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn Company Profile Page

On LinkedIn, your website can be seen by people checking your company page on this social network site. LinkedIn is mainly used when you are in employment or looking for work.

Anyone who is on LinkedIn can look at your company profile and check for the latest updates in your company. They can go on your profile finding your website in the Company Details they could visit if they liked your content in your LinkedIn company profile page.

#2- Promote Website On Your LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn Post

When you’re on LinkedIn and followed to a company you can see their updates in your Feed. The updates the company could share is their website or the latest posts that are going on in their company or a post related to their company.

It is a great way to post regularly on LinkedIn where your followers can see it in their feed. They can access this by clicking on the image above the title of the webpage. If you got a good fanbase on LinkedIn and share your website you can get a good hit of traffic if your followers click the link to your website.



Promote Website Through Google+

#1- Promote Website On Your About Info

Google+ About Info

On Google+, you can promote your website through your About Info. When you go on Google+ and look for a profile you can click on their about and see their website.

It might not be easy to find your website link but I suggest you do it if you got a Google+ page. You never know someone might go on your about page on your profile and go on your website.

#2- Promote Website On Your Posts

Google+ Post

In Google+ you can promote your website. You can share your website as a link or image when someone clicks on the image it directs you to the website. It is useful to share posts with a image link as it tells your followers or potential followers what your website is about and if it appeals to them they could click on your link.

Doing image links could help your traffic when sharing on Google+ like how did with 35 people +1 their post.

#3- Promote Website On Google My Business

Google My Business

Here, you can promote your website through Google My Business. Whenever someone searches your company name “Top 1 Pizza” in Google it shows you their business information.

This shows the address, the opening times, map and the reviews. You can access the company’s website by hovering over the website button where you can view the website when clicking on it.

You can also check the photos, reviews and the directions when searching for a company on Google.


Promote Website Through Instagram

#1- Promote Website On Your Profile Bio

promote website on instagram profile

On your Instagram Profile page you can promote your website to your followers. Anyone can access your Instagram profile even if you set it to private they can still see your website link in your profile bio.

Putting your website link on your Instagram profile is a great way to connect to people accessing your profile. They can access your website before following you to see if the website interests them. If they liked your website, they can follow you to keep track of your latest posts.

#2- Promote Website On Your Instagram Posts

Promote Website On Instagram Posts

On Instagram when you are posting an image or video and put your website in the description, there is no hyperlink directing to the website. This means when you click on the website url it does not direct to your website.

If you are following a Instagram account and they share their website and you would like to access it you copy and paste the url into the web browser by doing this it will show you their website.

I think it is good if you share your website through posting on Instagram, you might still get traffic back to your website.


Promote Website Through Reddit

#1- Promote Website By Posting On Reddit

Promote Website On Reddit

Here is my previous blog post on the Best Survey Sites, Here I have promoted this through Reddit.

This social media site can be a good way to share your website and blog links on. When using Reddit you can get your link on the front page that can result in a huge amount of traffic.

#2- Promote Website Adding Reddit Comments

Promote Website On Reddit Comments

Adding comments can be helpful if a user on reddit is looking for help and guidance and needs a link to follow a tutorial. You need to be careful if you keep adding links as this can class users that you are a spammer.


Promote Website Through Pinterest

#1- Promote Website On Your Profile

Pinterest ProfileIf your on Pinterest and looking to promote your business website on there, one of the first ways to promote your site is to put your website on your profile. Having a website link on your Pinterest Profile is essential so that if someone is checking your profile they might want to check your website.

If you are not on Pinterest, you might need to make a profile to connect with more people. There are more opportunities for your business or blog if you got an account on Pinterest.

#2- Promote Website On Your Pinterest Pins

Promote Website On Pinterest Pin

The next step to promoting your website on Pinterest is creating a pin. If you are on Pinterest, you first need to create a board and name it whatever you want I called mine Blog Posts.

After you have created your board, you can add your URL in and then it will show your featured image and then you can save it. Then you have created your Pin on Pinterest now your followers can see the image to your website.

What your followers can do is click on the Visit button or the image to access your website. This is the best route by promoting your website through Pinterest.


Promote Website Through YouTube

#1- Promote Website On Your Channel’s About Page

YouTube Channel Links

You can reach out to your YouTube Subscribers by adding your website and social media links in the about section on your channel. When doing this on your YouTube channel it can help your YouTube Subscribers to access your blog and social media accounts.

They can follow you on social media to get updates when your video has to just released on YouTube.

When you have added your website links in the about link, your links will appear on the bottom right of your banner.

This will be visible to visitors checking your YouTube channel where they can visit your website or social media accounts.

#2- Promote Website On Your Video Description

YouTube Video Description

On one of Neil Patel’s Videos that has over 200,000 YouTube Views he provided a website link in the description to get people to join his free webinar. He has done this to get his YouTube viewers to join the webinar where he shows you how to get more traffic to your website and increased sales.

Having a website link on your description in your videos can increase your web traffic if you got many YouTube viewers watching your video.

If you got a channel and need to promote your website. I suggest you put a linkback to your website in your video description.

#3- Promote Website On Your Channel’s Description

YouTube Channel Description

In Your Channel’s About Description, you can provide a link to your website. There is no hyperlink attached to the web address but you are telling your subscribers your website.

What a subscriber will do they copy your url and paste it into the web browser to check. This is still an effective way to promote your website on your YouTube Channel’s About page.

Track Your Social Media Referrals On Google Analytics

In Google Analytics, you can track what social media sites your followers used when visiting your website. This way, you know how many people visited your website on each social media site including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google. You can check what social media is popular when gaining referrals to your website.

To Track your Social Media Referrals in Google Analytics. You must have Google Analytics open in your web browser.

When Google Analytics is open, you would click on the Acquisition Tab —> Source/Medium when you are on this it shows you what referral had the highest traffic.

Source/Medium on Google Analytics This is an example of what your Source/Medium looks on Google Analytics. This shows what source had the highest sessions to your website.

It also shows the number of new users that accessed your website through those social media sources.


Now, you know how you can promote your website through social media. Promoting your business on social media can help your business get noticed online. There are millions of users active on social media and one of them could find you online.

Users that are signed up to social networking sites maybe interested in your brand. They could look for blogs or a company that might interest them.

A social media presence is vital for your company. This can help grow your company and help you get found on social media.

Lack of social media can make your company struggle it is important to be active on social media. Having social media accounts for your company can help you get found.

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